Monday, January 9, 2012


I was born with birth defects known as Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) and Gastroschesis which one had nothing to do with the other (It was like lightening striking twice). AMC is a rare congenital disorder that causes multiple joint contractures and can include muscle weakness and fibrosis. It affects 1 out of every 30,000 live births. The disease derives its name from Greek; literally meaning 'curved or hooked joints'. The AMC mainly affects my upper extremities causing limited range in motion, muscle weakness, and some varying joint discomfort. Gastroschisis is another rare congenital disorder in which a defect is present in the wall of the abdomen. There is no membranous sac covering the organs and the intestines therefore allowing the bowels to spill into the outside of the body. Thankfully, with many prayers and being hospitalized for a month, I was cleared to go home. 

Though my physical setbacks made life a little more difficult, my determination and desire pushed me. In school they tried putting me in Special Education classes even with my IQ testing above average. My family fought for me to attend “normal” classes with the “normal” kids and won. Sadly enough this was not my first nor would it be my last battle with being treated like everyone else. As I got older the obstacles that I faced were plenty. The bullying in Middle and High School were appalling. The name that haunted me through those halls were “T-rex”. Boys literally hunted me in the halls. They would pretend to have guns and pop out behind lockers then shoot and run away laughing. I'm twenty-six years old now and it still hurts.

In 2003, I ventured out into the "real world" and attended Mansfield University. I won’t pain you with the gruesome details but let’s just say, I failed my first attempt at being a college student. Between the new found freedoms, poor time management, lack of motivation, and the literal hill I had to climb every morning to even set foot into a class equated in failure. I went onto getting a few back-breaking minimum wage jobs and struggled with both the physical and financial aspects of it all. 

Fast forward to today and with my new role of Motherhood/Role Model, I have a new found desire in life; a second chance at life. I don't plan on wasting it!! 

My intentions- I am starting this blog so that someone can learn from my experiences as a disabled single mother who's had some hardships, miracles, and many lessons... hopefully I may get a few good laughs

Facts about me- I just finished my 1st semester back in college and in 2 days I'll be starting on my second. I've also just started a diet/exercise plan 3 days ago and I'll be posting a few worth while ideas. My daughter is the sweetest thing since honeycombs. I know she gets that from me. ;o) My passions in life are as follows... Jesus Christ, Aria, singing, and making people laugh. 


  1. I also have Arthrogryposis in all 4 limbs, am 25, and about to be a single parent. I had more trouble with bullying in kinder-garden. One thing that I learned about bullies is they make fun of an "easy" target because there is something about themselves they don't want other people to notice. My son, Johnathan, is almost 7 months and is learning that it takes mommy a little longer to do stuff and watches my movements to figure out what I am doing and waits patiently for me. He amazes me everyday and makes my world turn!

  2. Thank you for sharing that with me. It's amazing how forgiving and patient children can be. Aria is the same way. :) I see you said that you are about to become a single parent. I am sorry to hear. Let me know if you need anything.